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Meet The Photographer

Bethany Spearing

Hello & welcome! I'm Bethany Spearing, Owner & Photographer of Spearing Images. You will rarely catch me comfortably in front of camera, but behind the camera is where I shine! When I am doing a shoot it isn't just taking a picture or "clicking a button", I am capturing the best of the moment and creating art. I tell a story with a photograph. My love for Art has always been a huge part of my life. In high school in my free time I enjoyed writing, sketching, drawing, and painting. I have always loved taking photographs, but my passion for photography didn't truly start to shine until my adulthood when I picked up my first professional camera. After I had my beautiful girls, I wanted to be able to really freeze time and hold onto all of the beautiful moments I loved so much. They are my why & my motivation to move forward with my dreams. Photography just comes naturally to me. I have a vision and I make it happen. Photographing and making people smile is what I love to do. I believe that everyone has a beautiful story to tell, let me capture yours!

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